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Francia acoge la celebración del EUROPARC Conference 2022, ¡Cambio Climático, Parques Resilientes! La edición de este año se centrará en la adaptación al cambio climático en las áreas protegidas y sus alrededores. En los doce talleres de trabajo en los que se articula el congreso se abordarán los principales retos de las áreas protegidas en relación con el cambio climático. Son los siguientes:

  • Workshop 1. Building capacities to manage climate change.
  • Workshop 2. Deep dive in climate change adaptation methods and tools.
  • Workshop 3. Climate change, finance and partnership opportunities?
  • Workshop 4. Protected Areas laboratories for climate learning and action.
  • Workshop 5. Breaking the ice – how should we talk about climate change adaptation?
  • Workshop 6. Climate knows no borders.
  • Workshop 7. Changing climate, changing agriculture.
  • Workshop 8. Engaging stakeholders in marine conservation. Is there a climate change opportunity?
  • Workshop 9. Integrating climate action and biodiversity conservation at a local & regional level.
  • Workshop 10. What happens to Ice, happens to Us? The impact of Climate Change on Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas
  • Workshop 11. Carbon neutral sustainable destinations. The only way to go?
  • Workshop 12. Connecting people & landscapes in a time of climate change
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